Choose Your Mobile Service

Pick-up and Drop- Off

The Process:

Step:Schedule Pick-up appointment

Step:2 Technician arrives at your location and completes a intake form ( The device will be reviewed and all damage will be noted on intake form)

Step:3 Work Order form will be filled out and signed by both you and the technician and deposit is paid.  ( A copy will be sent to you via email unless you request a paper copy)

Step:4 Diagnostic of device is completed and the technician will call you will suggested solutions. From the solutions provided you will decided what you would like to do. ( You can request a copy of the diangostic if you would like to take the repair to another technican)

Step:5 Once device has been repaired a Drop-Off appointment will be scheduled.

Step:6 Technician arrives at Drop- off location and a proof of operation is consucted before technician leaves the location.

Step:7 Remaining balance is paid and receipt is sent the on-file email.

Pick-up and Drop-Off  Repair Complete

On-Site Repair

On-Site Repair Process

Step:1  Schedule On- Site Repair

Step2: Once technician arrives a device intake will be completed. ( Reviewing device for any current damages/scratches) This form will be signed by both customer and the technician. Deposit is paid and receipt will be available via email unless a paper copy is requested.

Step:3 Device will be taken to the mobile lab ( or in your location if you prefer) and the diagnostic will be completed.

Step:4 Once the diagnostic is completed the repair options will be reviewed with the customer and a repair will be agreed upon. The work order will be completed and signed by both technician and customer.

Step:5 The repair is  agreed upon it will be completed On-site.

Step:6 Once repair is completed the technician will demonstrate that the problem/repair has been properly fixed.

Step:7 The remaining balance is due and the receipt will be sent via email unless a paper copy is requested.

On-Site Repair is Complete!