Digital Media Services
Web Design
PTC web design specialist will always develop custom web page designs for any website requested. From the start of the design process all the way to programming the site, PTC works consistently to provide a visually-stunning, mobile accessible, and SEO-optimized websites to help you display the very best of you have to offer.
Graphic Design
PTC knows that graphic design is one of the 1st steps to building a solid brand and sometimes is a business's best distinction from their competitors. With our strategical planning and design techniques, PTC can take any image or idea and make it a phenomenal graphic.
Social Media Services
Our all-in-one social media marketing package here at PTC covers all major social media marketing campaigns. Our specialist will develop very unique content, help with brand monitoring, and implement many other social media marketing strategies to help your business succeed.
Local Search & Online Directories
Reputation Management
Customer reviews heavily influences the look of a business to the general public. PTC specialist makes sure that we do everything necessary to ensure that people are seeing the good reviews. Our plans for reputation management services come custom and can make any business GREAT!
Growing your business and attracting more customers is always the goal. PTC offers services that will help your business increase traffic and sales, making your business easily accessible on google search, missing sales and potential customers will never be an issue again.
PTC has vast knowledge in developing an e-commerce system that works great for any businesses website. Our specialist has extensive experience with all major e-commerce platforms which helps in understanding which platform is best for your business and online store.
Inbound Marketing
Content Management
To be the best in the business you need the best in the business. PTC is number one at the latest online marketing techniques. With content personalization, management, updating, and campaign reporting our services will make you the BEST!
Digital Content Evaluation
At PTC we take advantage of CMS technology that is state of the art, transcending main online marketing techniques such as content personalization, marketing automation, character marketing, testing, campaign reporting, and much more.
Business Tech Services
24/7 Tech Support
Data Management
Data Migration
Email Set Up
Email Migration
Email Management Services
Software Installation
Hardware Installation
Network Management Services
Network Troubleshooting
Network Security
Digital Security
Ransomware Insurance
Business Consulting
Professional Problem Solving
Security Systems & Architecture
Human Resources